Hello Everyone! 

Thank you for stopping in. First of all, we love and miss you guys. We sincerely hope and pray all is well with each of you and your loved ones, during this Covid 19 "Safer At Home" Season. 
We would like to take this time to acknowledge, encourage and offer prayers for any and all that may have family or friends infected by the virus. Please stay safe, and obey all instructions regarding this pandemic. We love you and care about you. 

It was only 4 weeks ago, for Sunday morning service Pastor Sandra asked us to sing a song called "Season's" little did we know...we were all about to face a pandemic of such massive proportion. The word "Season" stands out to me because God created season's to pass...(selah). Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, all come to pass and the season of the Corona Virus will pass also.  Ecclesiastes 3:1-9 reminds us "There is a season ( a time appointed) for everything, and a time for every delight, and event, or purpose under heaven." Catch this!... everything has a time assigned to it and then its gone!  Season's mark time for us. 

We are able to look back and see the easy times, hard times, in between times, our struggles and victory's and with the Lord's help catagorize what we've learned going through these times. God gave us time, He doesn't need it, He is eternal,  but He gave man time/season's...what's needed to properly process life here on earth.  The beauty of a season?...necessary change takes place!..second chances, healing of a broken heart, restored health, renewal, cold weather will soon change to warmer weather, and darkness will turn to light at the appointed time, growth and maturity constantly recycle our world, He planned it this way. God has placed purpose in all He does or allows, and this pandemic is no exception, it is not a surprise to God, this too shall pass. So, we encourage you to focus on walking out this season in faith believeing, trusting God is always for you and never against you. He has a personal plan for you, to bring you through this victoriously!, focus your faith and disposition to outlast this season because Inside of every evil plan, God has a greater plan in store for us. Romans 8:28 says "He makes All things work together for our good." believe this!... It's God's promise to us!...Isaiah 55:11 says, His word cannot return void to him. Hold on to His unchanging hand. 

For building faith daily, read Psalm 91:9-16 faith comes to us by hearing, read it aloud 3x's a day. (especially after listening to breaking news reports!) 
Be blessed as you remember your Great Great God, He has no rival!... Amen?!....We hope to see you sooner than later. 

God Bless you all, 

Alfie Durio 

The Worship Department

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