Hello and thank you for your time and participation!  Thank you for helping to get this inspiring message of hope to the masses during this difficult time in life for so many around the world. I am honored and grateful that you would would lend your beautiful gifts to this powerful song written by my twin brother Andrae Crouch.  I thank God for you and for the love and support you have demonstrated. 

Blessings and love in Christ,

Senior Pastor Sandra E. Crouch

Instructions:  Download the song and lyrics below.   Submit your video via www.WeTransfer.com (it's free).  The email address to use is ncmcworship@gmail.com.  Choir/Background Singers: Please send one video where you are singing your part (use headphones so the music is not heard) and one video where you are lip singing.   Artists/Lead Singers:  Please send one video where you are lip singing the background parts.  You will be sent a separate file to record your lead and lead video along with the section where you will be leading.  If you have any questions contact Pattie Howard at pattiefhoward@gmail.com. Blessings to you all!  

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